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Who can post a blog on this page?

Anyone who is blogging about Japan: In-country experiences, classroom teaching, travels, etc. English and/or Japanese blogs are both welcome!


Why blog on Englipedia?

People have been blogging about Japan since blogs started. The problem is that there has never been one-place for English teachers all across Japan to go to read them, until now. Over 2,000 teachers a day surf Englipedia, so why not have a place for us to read each other's blogs?


How do I post my blog on this page?

Simply contact us and tell us your blog's name and URL. It's that simple!


I want to blog but don't know how?

Here are a couple of the most possible choices, both are free: Blogspot / Wordpress


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Sep 03, 2017

Sep 03, 2017

Sep 03, 2017

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